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      Wegovy Weight Loss Atlanta

      A safe and effective way to shed the pounds for good at PrimeHealthMD in Atlanta, GA

      Weight loss is a complex journey. You've probably tried the latest diet fads, or perhaps you've tried weight loss pills in the past but have yet to find the right weight loss solution for you.

      At PrimeHealthMD in Atlanta, Georgia, we provide tailored weight loss solutions for optimal results. We promise to help you achieve all of your weight loss and health goals so you can discover a new healthier version of yourself.

      If you are struggling to shed pounds and keep the weight off for good, call and speak with one of our weight loss specialists today.

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      Is Wegovy the same as Semaglutide?

      We utilize FDA-approved GLP-1 weight loss medications for patients struggling with obesity or who are overweight with at least one weight-related medical condition. Semaglutide is an active ingredient in the popular weight loss medication, Wegovy.

      Semaglutide is a prescription injectable that mimics the anti-hunger hormone glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), which is responsible for signaling the brain to regulate your appetite and food intake. Semaglutide helps you achieve a normal eating pattern reducing your hunger and ultimately enabling you to shed more pounds. This GLP-1 injectable is a safe and effective weight management solution that has been profoundly beneficial for our patients in Atlanta, Georgia.

      If you have been searching for a Wegovy (Semaglutide) doctor in Atlanta or would like to learn more about our GLP-1 Injectable weight-loss treatment options, call to speak with a weight management specialist today!

      Semaglutide is just one of the medically advanced weight-loss treatment options we offer our Atlanta patients. However, our weight loss clinic does not offer typical treatment regimens like other Wegovy doctors.

      Instead, we take treatment a step further. We provide advanced Semaglutide treatment by incorporating compounded supplementation to ensure your weight loss journey is both comfortable and successful. You will not find this type of high-level care with other weight loss clinics in the area, making us a top choice for many Atlanta patients.

      Compounded Supplementation and Semaglutide Treatment

      By adding compounded supplementation to an already successful prescription weight loss treatment, we can reduce common side effects such as nausea which is sometimes associated with taking weight loss medication.

      Our high-quality compounded supplementation helps ensure you have a safe and successful weight loss journey while mitigating side effects.

      Benefits of Weight Loss at PrimeHealthMD

      In addition to providing our Semaglutide (active ingredient in Wegovy) patients with compounded supplementation to enhance tolerability, this treatment option is injected weekly instead of daily like some other GLP-1s.

      At PrimeHealthMD, we provide a safe and comfortable clinic setting where you will receive your weekly injection saving you time from going to a pharmacy or doing the injections yourself.

      See all of the profound benefits of GLP-1 Injectable (same active ingredient as Wegovy) weight management below.

      • Reduce appetite and lower calorie consumption
      • Clinical studies show an average weight loss of 15% to 18% of body weight
      • Can be used for long-term weight management
      • Helps to keep the weight off for good
      • Burn fat and boost energy
      • Additional compounded supplementation to combat side effects
      • Weekly injections available in-office vs. traditional daily injections

      Are There Other Prescription Weight Loss GLP-1 Agonists?

      Below are additional GLP-1 Agonists available on the market for weight loss. Our physicians will work with you to determine if Semaglutide (an active ingredient in Wegovy) is right for you.

      • Dulaglutide (Trulicity), taken by injection weekly
      • Exenatide extended-release (Bydureon), taken by injection weekly
      • Exenatide (Byetta), taken by injection twice daily
      • Semaglutide (Ozempic), taken by injection weekly
      • Semaglutide (Rybelsus), taken by mouth once daily
      • Liraglutide (Victoza), taken by injection daily
      • Lixisenatide (Adlyxin), taken by injection daily

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