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      Testosterone Pellet Therapy in Georgia

      Are you noticing an uncomfortable shift in your body? Maybe you are experiencing new unexplained symptoms but can’t pinpoint the cause? You may be dealing with a hormonal imbalance or, more specifically, an imbalance in your testosterone levels.

      At PrimeHealthMD in Atlanta, GA, Alpharetta, GA, and Dunwoody, GA, we provide therapeutic hormone treatment options to bring back balance to your changing hormones.

      If you would like to learn more about Testosterone Pellet Therapy in Georgia, call to speak with one of our hormone specialists! Call (770) 800-3353 and set up a consultation today! There is a reason you are not feeling quite like yourself, and we have the tools to get you back on track.

      The Importance of Testosterone

      Although men have much higher levels than women, testosterone plays a vital role in both male and female bodies.

      For men, testosterone regulates your sex drive, bone mass, muscle size and strength, red blood cells and sperm production, and so much more. For women, testosterone plays an essential role in reproduction, physical fitness, energy levels, libido, and more.

      If you are dealing with a hormonal imbalance of testosterone, no matter your sex, you are probably experiencing symptoms leaving you feeling just not like your typical self.

      At PrimeHealthMD, our hormone specialists will help you uncover exactly what hormone imbalance you are dealing with by conducting a thorough exam, in-depth medical history, and blood work. From there, we will help determine a specific treatment path for your needs which may include testosterone pellet therapy.

      What is Testosterone Pellet Therapy?

      Hormone replacement therapy can come in many forms, including creams, patches, injections, and gels. At PrimeHealthMD, we offer our Georgia patients pellet therapy due to its profound benefits and proven results.

      Hormone pellets are a preferred delivery method due to their consistent release of testosterone for an extended period. The pellets are similar to a grain of rice and are typically inserted into the hip or buttocks. The process is a quick and simple procedure that causes little to no discomfort.

      Over time the pellets will be absorbed by your body, replenishing your natural testosterone levels and resulting in positive changes in how you feel.

      What can hormonal imbalances feel like?

      As you age, you naturally start to decrease testosterone levels and may experience changes in your health. Unfortunately, this can be extremely frustrating and cause uncomfortable symptoms.

      It is imperative to work with an experienced hormone practitioner to help you uncover precisely what is causing your discomfort. Our wellness specialists will help bring you back to hormonal balance and diminish the symptoms below.

      • Difficulty sleeping
      • Brain fog or memory loss
      • Feeling sluggish or experiencing low energy
      • Low libido and trouble maintaining an erection
      • Hair loss
      • Increased anxiety or depression
      • Decrease in muscle mass
      • Weight gain
      • More irritability or mood swings

      What are the benefits of Testosterone Pellet Therapy?

      If you have been searching for a safe and effective way to recapture your youthful energy and free yourself from uncomfortable symptoms of hormonal imbalance, then Testosterone Pellet Therapy is the solution for you.

      If you live in Atlanta, GA, Alpharetta, GA, or Dunwoody, GA, and are ready to experience the life-changing benefits of hormone replacement, call today to set up your consultation.

      Call (770) 800-3353 and be prepared to experience the following benefits!

      • Decreased symptoms of anxiety and depression
      • Enhanced sex drive and libido
      • Improved sleep
      • Increased muscle mass, strength, and bone density
      • Improved memory and concentration

      General FAQS about Testosterone Pellet Therapy

      During a quick in-office visit, we will apply a numbing cream and make a small incision for the pellet. After the pellet is inserted, a small bandage is placed over the site.

      Results vary from person to person, but most individuals will notice health improvements within a few days to a few weeks.

      Testosterone pellets will provide a consistent dose lasting for 4 to 6 months. The pellets will dissolve on their own and will not need to be removed. Depending on your unique health conditions, your practitioner will work with you to determine how often you may need to get Testosterone Pellet Therapy.

      Testosterone Pellet Therapy is recommended for those individuals who have experienced andropause or menopause. However, if you are experiencing a noticeable hormone imbalance, you may greatly benefit from hormone replacement therapy.

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