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      Patient Testimonials

      Going to PrimeHealthMD was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I learned about PrimeHealthMD after noticing a tremendous weight loss on a colleague and asked her to share the secret.  She then gave me a synopsis about the program and told me to contact PrimeHealthMD for more information. I will say, the program is not easy but once you make the commitment, you will not regret it.  And with the support from the PrimeHealthMD team, you will be successful.

      - M Lane

      The Brookhaven I love these lady very kind and caring about your weight lose Process I have not carbs in 2 weeks and I am okay with that I want come off of my types 2 diabetes medication. Great program.

      - Jamie Wilkerson

      5 stars is not enough for PrimeHealthMD as far as I am concerned. In one month, the team at PrimeHealthMD have made both my weight loss of 30 lbs (24 from fat) and my personal self esteem gain, to the point where I both recognize the guy looking back at me in the mirror and don't mind having my picture taken again, a reality that I can hardly believe. Sara, as my primary coach with heavy air support from Morgan, Hillary, Julie, Reenie and others have been absolutely the kindest, most knowledgeable, and positive folks that I could have hoped to have on my side. I still have a way to go but I have no doubt I will reach my health goals and will keep the weight off and the good things in life back on 🙂 Thanks PrimeHealthMD!!!!

      - Scott Kirven

      Wow - what can I say. The experience with PrimeHealthMD had been fabulous. Working with SARA and HILARY in pulling together my daily plans has been awesome. The additional support staff with Ashley, Jennifer and Vanessa has been a real pleasure. Reenie has also been a real help on the phone with appointments and reminders. After just 10 weeks into the program, I am down nearly 35 pounds with a total goal of 55 pounds. My biggest concern coming into the program was hitting a plateau and they promised it would not be a problem, and as promised, I blew right through it. Thanks to all in helping me as I progress to the goal!

      - Todd Willard

      PrimeHealthMD Atlanta has truly changed my life. For years, I attempted to get healthy and lose weight. I would think and talk about it constantly, lose most of the weight then slowly gain it back, slipping back into my old habits. Over the summer, I was at my heaviest weight ever and decided I had to do something ASAP. I finally ran out of excuses, my knees and back hurt and I was extremely tired most of the day. I started researching online, found this website, and nervously called to setup my initial appointment not knowing exactly what to expect but I was desperate and ready for a permanent lifestyle change. The last 7 months have been far from easy but so doable and necessary. I reached my goal weight, losing over 80lbs and gained so much knowledge on the science of weight loss. What makes this time different? I am committed, and I have PrimeHealth

      - Marlena Parker

      I have had the best experience at PrimeHealthMD. I have been trying my whole life to lose weight. I have tried every diet imaginable. This summer I not only reached my goal weight but I am below it!!! It was all in thanks to hard work and AMAZING support from PrimeHealthMD. I have been able to maintain the weight and feel so much better. I have even referred 3 people there who are also having good experiences. Sara the Nurse Practitioner is awesome. She really knows her stuff and is there to support you and help you reach your goals. I am not going to say the program is easy. This is not a diet program it is a NEW and IMPROVED way of life. That is never easy but once you make the commitment you will not regret it and with the support of PrimeHealthMD you will be successful!!!

      - Jennifer Dudley

      I can’t even explain how much I appreciate everything PrimeHealthMD has done for me this year. They know exactly how to tailor to your needs and work with you to give you the best plan they know will work and bring you the best results! Sarah is amazing and has helped me so much in my journey and I’ve lost more than I could have ever imagined because of her. I highly recommend to everyone!!

      - Yasmeen Shahout

      I cannot say enough good things about PrimeHealthMD Alpharetta! My husband has had issues with his weight for most of his adult life... After suffering a stroke... it was more difficult to exercise and to loose weight. We learned of PrimeHealthMD while at a Dr’s Appt at Shepherd. Sarah has walked with us through each step of this journey to not only guide us and encourage us.... but someone who we now consider part of our family and most importantly.... our friend! 90 lbs down and counting! Bobby and Kim Taylor

      - Bobby Taylor

      Loving PrimeHealthMD. It is still very hard work, but they help you through every aspect of the program and are genuinely supportive. I've never experienced success like I have with this program. Not only weight loss but in the right areas of my body. My overall health is better, my blood pressure is down, my knees don't hurt. I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone.

      - Beth Eisenmesser