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      How to Get Back on Track After Weight Loss Slip Ups

      The path of losing weight successfully is hardly linear. Many times you will emerge victorious; some, it will seem like you're falling off the wagon. It's okay. The real secret is being able to get back on track very quickly. 

      We understand how many pressures go along with these very well at PrimeHealthMD in Atlanta, GA. We aim at not pointing out but rather at holding your hand through the whole process for a trip filled with support, understanding, and pragmatic advice. In that spirit, here's how to bounce back after those sure-to-come slipups, with a focus on evidence-based strategies for losing medically-supported weight.

      Acknowledge, But Don't Dwell

      First thing is that you have to accept that you made a mess—don't beat yourself up, but accept and move on. Again, these are not the kind of things one should really be thinking about so long, as it will actually get that negative self-talk of yours. Remember, your journey is not within one day or even a week of hurdles.

      Revisit Your Goals 

      And sometimes, a failure is but a sign to redo your goals: are they realistic? Does it still jibe with what you want? Sometimes your goals should be easy to obtain at first, giving you some easy wins and encouraging you to continue. So, just adjusting your targets to practicable goals will give you more drive or motivation and set you up for success. 

      A good weight loss program should include creating a personalized plan that adapts to your changing needs and goals.

      Focus on Nutrition

      The quickest way to get back on course is to redo your diet. Concentrate on whole foods, such as lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Need help getting started? Talk to a nutritionist.

      Some medical weight loss programs, like PrimeHealthMD’s, include nutritional counseling that provides details customized for you in case you need such particulars.

      Incorporate Physical Activity

      Just find something you like doing and make it part of your daily activity. It does not have to be vigorous exercise at the gym; it could be something like walking, cycling—maybe even dancing would do. It doesn’t have to be hard! The whole idea is to do a little more and have fun doing it in a way that will be easy and permanent for you.

      Stay Hydrated

      Taking an optimum amount of water is necessary to cut weight and for overall body health. It controls your appetite and improves metabolic functions. Sometimes thirst is confused with feeling hungry, so it might be a way not to overeat.

      The recommendation given to adults is to drink about eight glasses, or approximated to two liters, or a half-gallon, of water per day. This is for general health. This is an easy guideline to remember; it is popularly known as the 8x8 rule. 

      Plan for the Future

      Identify what led to the slip-up and plan how to handle similar situations in the future. Whether it’s stress or being around social events and certain foods, you should think of creative ways to avoid being derailed again if you’re confronted with these same situations.

      Seek Support 

      Losing weight can sometimes be a lonely process, but it does not have to be. Seek help and support from friends, family members, or a group of people who are trying to lose weight. Some programs, such as those at PrimeHealthMD, offer clinic-based medical and emotional support tailored to your journey.

      The Less Obvious Tip: Practice Mindfulness 

      Mindfulness is probably one of your most powerful tools in the weight-loss toolkit. It will raise your consciousness about your eating patterns, emotions, and triggers. Basic practices, such as mindful eating, may help you take pleasure in what you’re eating and not overeat. Your weight loss coach can help you identity areas where being more mindful will help you the most.

      Your Partner in Weight Loss

      We understand that the weight loss process brings a long list of complications. Our programs offer all-encompassing support: everything from medical information to practical advice on taking the steps needed to meet your weight goal. We're here to offer guidance, support, and the tools you need to succeed, even when slip-ups happen.

      If you're ready to get started on your weight loss, then we're ready to support you. Most major insurances are taken, making that first step—especially in regard to costs—very easy for you. Contact PrimeHealthMD today and find out if your insurance qualifies for receiving our support for all your health and wellness goals.