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      Body Fat Analysis

      Body Fat Analysis at PrimeHealthMD

      Step by step guidance to revealing a healthier version of you.

      Trying to lose weight can be intimidating, especially when you are going through it alone with no real direction or game plan in place. You may be thinking, how do I even start my weight loss journey? Or how do I know what I should be eating for MY body? If you're struggling to get started in shedding the pounds to reveal a healthier, happier version of you, don’t worry. That is why we're here.

      Our team of weight loss specialists is here to help you every step of the way. At PrimeHealthMD, we take away the overwhelm when it comes to starting a weight loss journey. And that’s exactly what it is, a journey where you will rediscover your inner self-confidence again, improving your health and gaining a new look at life.

      If you are seeking medical-guided weight loss treatment with an experienced weight loss physician, visit one of our locations in Atlanta, Alpharetta, or Dunwoody, Georgia. We are ready to help you safely and effectively lose stubborn body fat and improve your overall health.

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      Body Fat Analysis with Tanita Body Composition Scale

      The key to successful weight loss is knowing where to start. Our medical weight loss specialists team has helped many Georgia patients achieve their health goals by creating a tailored weight loss program specifically for their needs. We utilize the most up-to-date and innovative treatment options available to ensure you get the results you deserve.

      To get started, we will first conduct a comprehensive evaluation that will include a deep dive into your medical history as well as a total body fat analysis. Our Tanita body composition scale provides an indication of your body type by comparing measurements of your muscle mass and body fat.

      Utilizing this scale weekly allows your provider to monitor ratios closely and make adjustments to your dietary recommendations that will move you step by step towards your desired goal. This personalized approach will give us the necessary information needed to create your tailored weight loss plan.

      Who should get a body fat analysis?

      Perhaps you have struggled in the past to lose weight or had a difficult time finding a practitioner who would guide you through a weight loss program. Our clinic is for you if you are tired of not achieving your health and weight goals.

      We are one of the top weight loss clinics in Georgia, providing clinically-based weight loss programs that are physician-guided to help you achieve your goals.

      Conducting a body fat analysis will further help us help you along your weight loss journey giving us critical information specific to your needs. Our holistic approach ensures you will see long-term results that will change your entire life.

      If you have questions about our weight loss programs or getting a body fat analysis, call today and speak with one of our weight loss experts. We will ensure you get all of the information needed so you can make the best possible decision for your health.

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      Benefits of the Tanita Body Composition Scale

      At PrimeHealthMD, we proudly offer advanced technology such as the Tanita Body Composition Scale. This highly intuitive weight loss technology has been a gamechanger for all of our clients in the Atlanta, Alpharetta, and Dunwoody area.

      The Tanita scale is more than just a scale because it provides a deeper insight into your health and offers ten different measurement components. See the additional benefits of this profound medical weight loss device below.

      • Accurately track weight changes.
      • Measures body composition to determine fitness and nutrition plan
      • Measures weight of lean body mass and total body water
      • Provides weekly print-outs for BMI
      • It helps to target fat mass so you can actually lose fat
      • Offers 10 different measurement options
      • Helps provide direction for supplement needs

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