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      3 Quick Tips to a Healthy Fall Season

      3 Quick Tips to a Healthy Fall Season
      Posted on September 13, 2016

      The arrival of fall means back to school, football season, festivals, and many other outdoor activities. Fall is a time of year when family memories are made, and it is a season that we look forward to no matter what age we are.

      For many, however, it can be a time of year for added anxiety over certain social events and the food choices that accompany. Add in the fact that holidays are right around the corner, and that could lead to a season of weight gain versus weight loss! Here are a few tips to lean down your fall:

      • Grilling – Cooler weather usually means we welcome back the backyard grill. This can actually be a healthy change from the same old kitchen recipes. Fill your grill with lean cut meats such as fish, chicken, shrimp, filets, and pork loin. Veggie kabobs are usually a yummy way to sneak in some vegetables. Try adding mushrooms, squash, onions, and cherry tomatoes to a skewer and grilling a few minutes. Busy Mom Tip: grill extra meat and vegetables for quick dinners during the week.
      • Game Day – Celebrating your favorite football team can present its own challenges when it comes to eating. Best bet- plan ahead! Whether tailgating in the stadium or watching the big game at home, plan to make healthier food choices. Many stadiums take pride in catering to the fitter crowd. Be sure to check into these options online before heading out to the game. If entertaining at home, provide some healthier snacks or meals (mentioned above) as well. That way you will feel comfortable eating healthier while your friends may enjoy some of the other not so healthy alternatives.
      • Beverages – Alcohol is usually a staple in our events and meals especially during the fall time. Alcohol contains only empty calories and has no nutritional value. It also affects your weight in a very negative way! Alcoholic beverages can have a place in our lifestyle, but the goal should include being mindful of the actual drink and the amount consumed. Steer clear of calorie- laden beverages such as sugary and cream- based drinks! Choose the drink that you would consume less of. Tip: If you do choose a mixed drink, be aware of the mixers. This is where the extra calories can add up quickly. Tonics, sodas, and juices pack in the sugar content!

      In addition to these tips, be sure to keep up your exercise routine and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated during the cooler months. Take your family for a walk and enjoy the beautiful fall colors!