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      Behavioral Counseling

      Identify and Correct Thinking Patterns to Achieve Optimal Weight Goals

      It is easy to become overwhelmed when trying to lose weight. You may think you have a solid game plan and know exactly what weight management techniques you should be applying in your life, but when it comes to actually taking action, there is a hold-up.

      What is stopping you from achieving your weight loss goals, and how can you overcome them? It could be as simple as your thought process and mindset around losing weight. Sounds easy enough, but it can be difficult to apply on your own.

      At PrimeHealthMD, we offer our patients behavioral counseling for weight loss so you can retrain your habits and way of thinking to help you achieve your weight and health goals.

      Your mind is a powerful tool that can work for you or against you. Let us help you break down the barriers that are holding you back.

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      We work with some of the leading weight loss specialists located in Atlanta, Alpharetta, and Dunwoody, Georgia.

      What is behavioral counseling for weight loss?

      Behavioral counseling for weight loss is a scientific psychotherapy that helps you identify thinking patterns that may have a negative effect on your weight loss journey and teaches you to replace them with strategies that will help.

      Behavioral Counseling is actually not a new concept. This type of talk therapy started in the 1950s as a way to guide patients to become more aware of their behaviors. When we apply these concepts to weight loss, they profoundly affect patients trying to lose weight.

      Talking through your thoughts can positively impact your health, especially when it comes to losing weight. Studies indicate that adding behavioral counseling for weight loss patients adds a tremendous amount of value and drives better results.

      Our team of weight loss experts will guide you on your weight loss journey, where you will feel fully supported in a safe and comfortable environment.

      Behavioral Counseling for Weight Loss includes talking through the following:

      • Defining your goal
      • What obstacles are hindering you from achieving your weight loss goal?
      • How can you change your way of thinking to overcome these obstacles?
      • What new behaviors can you put in place to improve your thinking patterns?

      Behavioral Counseling at PrimeHealthMD

      Our weekly behavioral counseling sessions offer support, education, and accountability for our Georgia patients. We utilize positive reinforcement to help you overcome your most challenging weight loss hurdles, which has proven to be an effective tool in our counseling sessions.

      At your behavioral therapy session, we will identify and help you create change around poor lifestyle choices that lead to adiposity. These may include:

      • Overeating and poor food choices
      • Managing time intervals and portions of food
      • Lack of meal prep
      • Habit creation and feedback loops
      • Poor sleep hygiene (as well as compliance with equipment such as CPAP machine)
      • Poor hydration
      • Smoking cessation
      • Poor stress management
      • Sedentary lifestyle
      • Compliance with medication regimen
      • Primary prevention visits for age/gender according to current guidelines.

      If you live in Atlanta, Alpharetta, or Dunwoody, Georgia, and are struggling to lose weight, it may be time to incorporate behavioral counseling. Call (770) 800-3353 or contact us online to set up your FREE consultation today.

      What are the benefits of Behavioral Counseling?

      Behavioral counseling can help you shift your thought process and adjust your lifestyle so that you can lose weight and keep it off for good. Our weight loss patients experience outstanding results with behavioral counseling because sessions are powerful and effective. There are many benefits to adding behavioral counseling to your weight loss treatment plan.

      Behavioral counseling has proven to be effective for weight loss and will help you:

      • Improve your diet and increase your motivation to exercise
      • Develop long-term weight maintenance techniques
      • Set realistic goals for weight loss
      • Improve stress management
      • Improve your self-esteem and develop positive thoughts about body image
      • Overcome anxiety or negative thoughts around weight loss

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