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      5 Habits for Continued Success After Reaching Your Goal Weight

      Reaching your target weight is a great milestone, but then what? The journey doesn't just stop at the finish line—it changes. Need some expert advice to keep you on course? Here are five habits suggested by a professional weight loss provider to keep you thriving beyond that first victory.

      1. Embrace a Balanced Diet for Life 

      It is very easy to revert back to old eating patterns once you have achieved your goal, but in order to be successful, you must take your diet not as a temporary fix but as a lifelong commitment. 

      We recommend that the diet should include meals that encompass a variety of nutrients to ensure the body takes what it basically requires for good health and the strength to work. A balanced meal should contain portions of lean proteins, whole grains, healthy fats, and several servings of vegetables and fruits.

      Remember, moderation is key; indulging occasionally is part of a balanced life.

      2. Make Physical Activity a Non-Negotiable Part of Your Day

      Make exercise as regular a routine as brushing your teeth. It's not only about burning calories, but also about making your heart stronger, elevating your mood, and busting stress. Find something you like to do—dancing, hiking, yoga, walking, whatever will keep you moving a little more. 

      What is required to be aimed at is consistency and not intensity. A brisk walk of 30 minutes each day will keep one's weight under control and assist in an improvement in the overall quality of life. If 30 minutes seems like a stretch, start with just 5 or 10 minutes a day. 

      3. Prioritize Your Sleep 

      Sleep is considered to be a great part of maintenance for weight. Lack of sleep may be linked to the alteration of hunger hormones and result in overeating. Getting 7-9 hours of sleep each night is the ideal.

      Establish a calming bedtime routine that helps to wind down and keep electronics out of the bedroom to avoid overactivity. If sleep is elusive, consult with a specialist at PrimeHealthMD to get tips on how you can improve your habits.

      4. Stay Hydrated, But Not Just With Water

      Absolutely, hydration is one of the keys to maintaining weight, and it doesn't have to be boring. The best hydration that one can get is from plain water, which could be flavored up with some herbal teas or water infused with fruits and herbs. 

      These options healthily keep you body well-hydrated, running properly, and provide a refreshing twist in daily intake. 

      5. Keep a Food and Activity Journal

      Another less explicit but very powerful strategy is having a journal on what one eats every day and the activities done, how they are done, and at what time. 

      Maintaining a journal for tracking your food intake and physical activities simplifies accountability and uncovers habitual patterns and potential triggers for overeating or inactivity. Don’t make this an overly burdensome task; jotting down quick notes on your smartphone or in a notebook is perfectly sufficient. And, another benefit? Looking back, your journal serves as a valuable tool for celebrating your successes and understanding areas where you faced challenges.

      Need to Start a Weight Loss Journey Yourself? 

      So, maybe you’re at a weight that is already near your targeted weight, and you want to find a way to keep the success you have achieved. Or, maybe you’ve just started your weight-losing journey, and guidance is something you need. PrimeHealthMD takes a personalized approach that will help you reach and stay with your health goals.

      Let's make it easier for you to take that first step—most major insurances are accepted! Contact us today to learn about your insurance’s eligibility and how we can support you in your journey toward a healthier life.